Amazing Abilities Learning Center is all about education.
We will be educating our prospective and current employees on the “soft skills”  they need to be successful at Delicious Spoonfuls.

Classes can be paid for individually or with a prepaid plan
We will offer seminars and workshops available to families of people with Special Needs as well as professionals and experts in their respective field. We will offer classes in art, science, and more.

We will inexpensive access to online classes in our computer center available to our prepaid members, in our computer center.

Workshops and seminars will be available in many subjects including:

  • Housing for our Special Needs population
  • Special Needs Trusts and Guardianship
  • Access to Employment
  • Special Needs  Groups for Tourette syndrome, Down Syndrome, Autism, and more!

Dietary changes for Special Needs.  How do I do it and is it necessary?
Classes at our main location next to Delicious Spoonfuls or at local office space in FAU

More to be decided.

Volunteers needed while we find our ideal location in South Florida!