Amazing Abilities Resource Center is a non-profit Resource Center whose main focus is on educating families, professionals and anyone with interest in helping and supporting families who have disabilities.

The Amazing Abilities Center will act as an information center offering seminars, workshops, and courses that are of great interest to these individuals so families alone can arrive at short/long term decisions for their future needs and goals. Seminars will include topics such as employment, housing, special needs trusts, traditional and alternative approaches toward education, along with nutrition.

In addition, there will be programs in fine arts, science, theater acting, music therapy dance support groups, along with business networking.

Furthermore. the center will act as a resource hub for professionals such as teachers, psychologists, MD’s Social Workers, college students who want to take what is learned within the center into their professional expertise.

Training prospective and current employees

We will be training our employees on customer service, serving foods, making the ice cream (malteds, sundaes etc) as well as baking.

Support Groups and Information for families with Special Needs

Families dealing with Down Syndrome, Autism, Tourrette Syndrome, Mental Illness and other issues are looking for like minded people. We will bring in experts, and other times just give you space to talk

Meeting Room for Rent

So many networking groups, social groups , book clubs and more are looking for a comfortable place to meet where food is available. Call us, reasonable prices

Dairy (Meatless) Ice, Cream, Coffee, Homemade Desserts …soon more

We specialize in the best ice creams, organic coffees and desserts as well as muffins made by our staff with Special Needs.

Later on, we will be adding in soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas!

Information while we find the best possible location for Delicious Spoonfuls and Amazing Abilities

We are focusing in Boca Raton, but are also considering DelRay Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida