We have decided on food carts. Help us design the menu!

Focused on employ We will be serving coffees, hopefully lattes, espressos, cappuccinos. We will be serving bagels and other sandwiches and wraps with dairy and vegetarian ingredients, ice creams including milk shakes, ice cream sodas, and sundaes. Flavor suggestions are appreciated   Your tax-deductible donations are needed. All amounts appreciated. Go to paypal.me/Spoonfuls or call…


Delicious Spoonfuls will be non profit soon!

Delicious Spoonfuls is in the process of becoming a non-profit organization, 501c3.  This does take some time, so we will keep everyone updated. We will also Be running this as a food truck rather than a “brick and mortar” single location.  The money that would have been spent in rent alone would buy us a…

Amazing Adir!


WE aree still looking for the Best  location in the Boynton Beach, Florida area.  We wil be serving the most Amazing Ice Cream, Coffee, and home-made (by our Special Needs staff) for your enjoyment! We will be strictly kosher (meatless) dairy..  If the situation permits it, we will be expanding to serve sandwiches and salads>To…

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