Further plans.  We will use one ice cream cart to start and add in another 3 to 4 as we build the business.  A lot is dependent on your donations so that we can put as many people as possible to work!! The food truck itself would be over $50,000.00   We will be only need $18000 to get this funded now! If you are able to help us, go to http://www.paypal.me/Spoonfuls out send your tax-deductible donations or click on our Donate page!

or call me at 561-676-2078

Thanks, Helen Gottesman


original plan


Delicious Spoonfuls will be streamlining our menu and operation plan to make everything easier for our prospective employees with Special Needs to work successfully with us.

Firstly, we will be purchasing a food truck (rather than a brick-and-mortar restaurant). Our menu will be based on scooped ice cream (of course it is the best after our extensive tasting research) in cups, cones, sundaes, milkshakes and more.  We plan on frozen ice cream pops and ices and some cakes ready to go, by the pie or slice. Of course, we will have cans/bottles of soda and water.

We have also sourced the best coffee! We can’t wait for you to try it!

Ice Cream!
So good! Sundaes, cones more!