We will be open Sunday through Thursday all day.

Friday until mid-afternoon, and Saturday night

Call us.  We will need help with managing the restaurant and staff.

Delicious Spoonfuls is a Benefit or B corporation and is able to take donations, although not necessarily tax-deductible. Amazing Abilities is in the process of becoming a non-profit.  We will have fiscal sponsorship while this progresses.

Yes, Call us!  As with all staff members, we reserve the right to fingerprint and background check everyone that works with us.

We serve only dairy and vegetarian (pareve) foods.  No meat at all.

We are targeting 8 part-timers with Special Needs working different shifts.  We plan to meet individually with each prospective team member, along with family members to find out their strengths and anything that we need to work with such as physical challenges.

We are focused on coffees, ice cream and home-made (by our staff) desserts.

We are still looking for the ideal spot to open Delicious Spoonfuls and Amazing Abilities.  We are looking in Palm Beach County, Florida, especially Boca Raton.