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Job Title: Delicious Host Volunteers will work in a warm caring café with people who have all kinds of developmental disabilities such as, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome, along with a host of other disorders. Host will be responsible for their coaching skills working one-on-one, guiding and training each student host using role modeling and actually showing them functionally how to perform each operation. Hosts will take data, write evaluations that will be provided for them and report it to senior staff. All staff will be trained in interacting with people who have disabilities.

Location: Delicious Host Volunteers will work and operate at the location of our establishment and not leave the premises until their shift is completed.

Purpose of Position: The purpose of being a Delicious Volunteer Host at Delicious Spoonful’s is unique. First you will be working along side wonderful individuals with developmental disabilities.Second you will reap great rewards because you will gain the experience within your life’s goals as either being a special education teacher, Social worker or other human service worker that you can use in your future goals or pursue as credit for college work. Lastly, you will be bettering the lives of people with disabilities to achieve final an complete independence.

Responsibilities & Duties: As mentioned above will be responsible for coaching, role modeling, and demonstrating all goals that are written up for the student hosts  performing  all operations in helping the student hosts become successful within the ice cream parlor and coffee bar. Delicious Volunteer Hosts will show how to operate all machines prepare deserts and ice cream treats that they themselves will be trained in while they demonstrate that to the student host. All forms such as data collections sheets and daily evaluation forms and graphs will be provided and handed into senior staff by weeks end.

Qualifications: All Delicious Volunteer Hosts will have some college experience preferably an AA or at least a Bachelors degree in the field or related field of special education or some human service field. In addition the worker must be positive compassionate and understanding in working with people with disabilities.

Commitment Expected: All Delicious Volunteer Hosts will give at least a six month commitment but will be required to adhere to three months of working with us before they reap any real benefits that will be listed in our staff handbook.

Training: All Delicious Volunteer Hosts and Student Hosts will be trained in all aspects related to machines, cleaning working and coaching along with interacting with all of our students with disabilities. In addition all data forms including evaluations and graphs will be shown how to use by senior staff.